Michael Bartolo, Afghan War Hero was critically injured on September 6th 2013 in motorcycle accident.  He suffered multiple injuries and a traumatic brain injury which has left him in a minimally conscious state. He is unable to walk or talk and requires constant nursing care. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

UPDATE: 7-2-19 - Michael is doing well and his condition and health remains stable. Not much change to report. We continue to take Michael home every day for short stay visits. My wife works with him every day, she stretches him, reads to him and shaves him. Once a month we take him to Brooklyn to visit with is neurologist who refills his baclofen pump medication. This is the pump that helps prevent muscle spasms. She also has decided to reduce the amount visits for his Botox injections to once every 4 months. She was giving him shots once every 3 months. These shots are extremely painful for Michael. She was injects his hands and elbows. She decided to see how he does with reduced the amount of shots as she too feels for Michael's pain with the shots. His next scheduled Botox appointment is in October.  We appreciate you checking in and wish everyone a Very Happy 4th of July Holiday.